A Marriage Made in Aesthetic Heaven

By Steven Finder, MD

First, just a little background. Dr. Kimberly Finder and I have devoted much of our careers to aesthetic medicine. Dr. Finder comes from a dermatology background. I come from a background in physics and engineering, with training in lasers. Malcolm Gladwell, the author of The Tipping Point, made the statement that it takes 10,000 hours to really become an expert at something. As Dr. Finder and I enter into our 20th year devoted to aesthetic medicine, we have become real experts in the treatments we perform. For example, two areas where we are real experts is radio frequency (RF) treatments for melting fat and tightening skin and microneedling for improving collagen and skin texture. We have also developed relationships with a number of laser and aesthetic manufacturers, even helping to guide them in developing their systems.

This article is called “A Marriage Made in Aesthetic Heaven.” Though it could refer to our marriage (Dr. Kimberly Finder and I), it really is about a more important marriage (shhh, don’t tell Dr. Finder I said that). A marriage of two important aesthetic treatments.

During the summer, we were at the Vegas Cosmetic Show, one of the premiere cosmetic conferences. At the show, representatives that we know came to find us. We had worked with them on the laser that Dr. Finder uses for liposuction, and they wanted to show us this brand new technology called Infini. They were sure we would be interested.

The Infini combines microneedling and RF technology to offer the best of both worlds. This is the marriage made in aesthetic heaven. We spent time speaking with the lead physician and the representatives about his results. After testing the machine, seeing the results, and our conversations with this physician, we bought an Infini. We normally wait with new technology but we had seen the future of skin tightening.

So why should you care about the Infini? The Infini allows us to precisely deliver RF energy in the exact layer of the skin we want. This creates precise micro-destruction in the collagen and elastin fibers of your skin, something that other RF devices just can’t do effectively. When your collagen is damaged like this, your cells come and repair the collagen, laying down new, tighter collagen. Because we can so precisely control how the energy is laid down, we can get better results than any skin tightening technology we have seen so far. This is the seventh RF device we have owned and it is the best at tightening skin.

In fact, Dr. Kimberly Finder was so excited about testing this device that she decided to have the initial treatment done on her (I did the treatment on her neck). We put some numbing medicine on her face and neck, and she was red for a few hours. Here is what she had to say about the treatment.

“It was a simple 30 minute treatment that felt like pressure more than anything else. There was a noticeable feeling and appearance of tightness in my skin within days of the treatment and this is after only one treatment. The next day I was in my usual makeup and nobody was aware I’d had anything done, just a bit of redness on my neck. I’m looking forward to the rest of the series. I think this is a game changer for neck treatments.”  Kimberly Finder, MD

The Infini is really the best treatment we have seen for tightening skin on the face and neck. The photos are really impressive. The Infini does require 3 treatments to get maximum results and the results seem to last well over a year, if not longer.

If you have begun to notice loose skin on your face or neck. If you wish your face or neck were tighter. Infini could be for you and at an incredible price in our Introductory Special.

The flyer explains the advantages of Infini for skin tightening. If you are interested in the treatment or if you would just like to know more about what it could do for you, give us a call. We can show you Infini. You can look at all the photos. If you decide if it is right for you, you can take the first step to that more youthful face you once had.


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