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Are You Suffering From Acne or Do You Have Acne Scars?

When most people think of acne, they think of that awkward teenage phase when we’re most likely prone to breakouts. The truth is, many adults still suffer from this condition, which can appear on your face or other areas of your body. And still, others have stopped having breakouts, but have telltale scars from their teenage days that they’re unable to disguise with makeup.

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*Individual Results May Vary

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Candidates for Acne & Acne Scar Removal Treatment

Whether you have acne, acne scars, or both, laser treatment and microneedling technology may be able to help rejuvenate the appearance of your skin. A consultation with Dr. Finder can determine which treatment option is right for you.

How Does The Spectra Laser Work?

The Spectra Laser, a non-ablative laser, is an excellent solution for reducing both acne and acne scars. From a medical standpoint, this laser is so effective because unlike other lasers, it allows Dr. Finder to quickly switch from different wavelengths of light, which appears to be the best way of treating existing acne and preventing it from coming back.

If you’re only concerned about acne scarring, LaseMD may be a solution for you. This skin resurfacing technology uses a non-ablative, fractional laser to stimulate the treatment area’s growth of collagen and elastin, which may significantly reduce acne scars.

Patients with acne scars who aren’t candidates for laser treatment due to their skin type may benefit from another solution called Infini RF. Infini uses microscopic needles to penetrate the skin and treat problem areas, and the Infini RF adds radiofrequency as an energy source for even more noticeable results.


Everyone’s skin type and degree of breakouts or acne scars are different, so there’s no “easy” answer to what type of results you can expect. They will vary patient to patient. However, generally speaking, Spectra, LaseMD, and Infini RF have been found to be effective in significantly reducing either breakouts and acne scars in patients who are carefully screened for eligibility by treatment professionals like Dr. Finder.


Your recovery from is going to be dependent on the individual technology deployed. Infini RF tends to require about a two-day downtime, during which time you may experience a temporary sunburn-like reaction at your treatment site. Laser treatments typically need more skin recovery time than microneedling, but since both Spectra and LaseMD are non-ablative lasers, your skin will heal more quickly with either of them than you would if you used an ablative laser.

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*Individual Results May Vary

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