Are You A Sinker or Sagger?

By Dr. Kimberly Finder

Every day patients and friends ask me what they should do about their faces. They feel they’re looking older and have lost their youthful look. Today, we have options like Voluma® or Sculptra® which can replace a facelift. But when asked about what someone should do about their face, whether they will need a facelift is at the heart of what I tell them

One of the most important things I look for is this:  Is this person a Sinker or a Sagger? That decision is crucial.

Face Shape and Contour

The ideal face shape is an upside-down egg. The upside down egg has its greatest width at the area that corresponds to our temple/upper cheek region with a taper to the narrowest width at the area that corresponds to the chin. The underlying structures that create this ideal shape