207, 2017

How to Evaluate a Physician

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I recently came across some advertising for a physician offering cosmetic and anti-aging treatments. Looking at his background, warning flags immediately came up about his background and qualifications. This got me thinking; how does the average person know whether to trust a physician? I decided to put together this article about how to evaluate a physician’s background. Why is this Important? This is important for two reasons. First, aesthetic treatments have risks. You run the risk of having a bad outcome, insufficient results or a bad reaction. You also run [...]

1304, 2016

Laser Tattoo Removal

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Many of us regret decisions we made to cover our bodies with tattoos. Being older, and beyond those youthful indiscretions, we can feel embarrassed about those tattoos. You are not alone. Did you know that a significant number of people regret their tattoos? Many people have cited employment concerns as a reason for having their tattoo removed. Let us help you correct your mistake with PicoSure™ laser tattoo removal. Today, technology to remove tattoos has advanced significantly. The PicoSure™ laser represents a truly revolutionary improvement in laser tattoo [...]

704, 2016

Improve Your Eye Appearance

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Do you have tired looking eyes? Do you have hollows under your eyes? They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul, but some people have eyes that make them look much older than their years. You can improve your eye appearance. There are many different treatments available today. They range from specific products that can improve the appearance of your eyes to new laser and other similar treatments. For some people, the proper option is a surgical repair done by a physician who specializes in surgical procedures [...]

704, 2016

Reduce Acne Scars

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Did you have acne when you were younger? Do you still have the reminders of that time? Many people who have had acne in their younger years now bear the scars to show it. You can reduce acne scars. There are a lot of “remedies” that are being promoted and sold. Many do not work but today there are some very good treatments that can have a significant effect on the appearance of those scars. These include high tech solutions such as the PicoSure™ laser and new products that when [...]

704, 2016

Reduce Skin Pigments

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If you are like many people you would like to reduce skin pigments and skin discoloration is a common condition. Some are due to scars, sun damage or medications. The natural aging process also makes a person more susceptible to pigment changes. These discolorations have many names; age spots, liver spots and hyper-pigmentation, but are usually harmless. Skin discolorations can appear anywhere on the body, but the face and hands are where people are most usually bothered. There are many "remedies" out there. Many home remedies or store bought products [...]

704, 2016

Reduce Sun Damage

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Does your skin have that muddy look? Are those brown "age" spots beginning to pop up? You wear sunscreen every day, you say. You could still have plenty of sun damage left over from your youth. The sun’s damage to your skin isn’t only skin deep. The sun’s ultraviolet rays can actually damage the DNA of your cells, causing lines, wrinkles and brown spots. But all is not lost! You can reduce sun damage. Dr. Kimberly Finder is an expert in repairing the sun’s damage to your skin using many [...]

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