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Back Liposuction



What is Back Liposuction?

Our shapes are largely determined by genetics, but back fat tends to worsen as we age. Often, attempts to lose weight through diet and exercise cannot reduce fat in this troublesome area. A heavy back may make a woman appear heavier than she is. Liposuction can help.

The fat deposits on the back are the densest and most fibrous fat deposits on the body. This dense and fibrous fat is very challenging to extract. Dr. Finder recommends SlimLipo™ for back liposuction. SlimLipo™ melts and liquefies fat, which allows Dr. Finder to remove fat more thoroughly and completely.

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Back Liposuction San Antonio

Candidates for Back Liposuction

There are a few conditions that may make you a candidate for back liposuction. First, even though the skin of the back is thick, some women who have had weight fluctuations may have developed skin laxity of the back. Second, the skin of the back can get “pushed” around by the bra and form rolls. This is unsightly under knit or form-fitting tops. Finally, a special problem some women have is the presence of fat accumulation on the upper back just below the neck. This fat deposition is referred to as a “buffalo hump.” Reduction of the buffalo hump with liposuction is very rewarding for those who have this problem because it’s not an area that can usually be reduced with simply losing weight.

How Does It Work?

More than simply suctioning out fat, the SlimLipo™ procedure melts and liquefies back fat, making it easier for Dr. Finder to remove. This process is all performed while the patient receives tumescent anesthesia in the treatment area, which completely numbs the area being worked on. Our practice is also one of the very few cosmetic surgery practices that offer patients ProNox during their awake surgical procedures. ProNox is a form of laughing gas, medically known as nitrous oxide, that makes patients comfortable, relaxed, and as the name suggests, laugh, during surgical procedures that are performed while the patient is awake.

Back liposuction is often combined with the adjacent areas of the back of the waist or the arms. Both of these areas often have fat accumulations in women who have fat on the back. During a thorough consultation, a discussion of whether these areas should be suctioned for maximal aesthetic benefit will take place.


Dramatic results can be achieved in just one session. A better silhouette and drape of clothing is usually quickly realized. Now with SlimLipo™, the benefits of skin tightening and smooth fat reduction are more easily achievable.

As with any area treated with liposuction, maintaining your new shape can be achieved with adherence to good habits after liposuction. Good habits are especially important after back liposuction because there will always be fat that is closely associated with the underside of the thicker back skin that is left behind after liposuction. These remaining fat cells can expand again with future weight gain.


Back liposuction is very rewarding with short recovery time. Most patients who do desk-type work can return to their job or other light duties within three days. If your work involves heavy labor, you may require additional recovery time.

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