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Back Liposuction



What is Back Liposuction?

Our shapes are largely determined by genetics, but back fat tends to worsen as we age. Often, attempts to lose weight through diet and exercise cannot reduce fat in this troublesome area. A heavy back may make a woman appear heavier than she is. Liposuction can help.

The fat deposits on the back are the densest and most fibrous fat deposits on the body. This dense and fibrous fat is very challenging to extract. Dr. Finder recommends SlimLipo™ for back liposuction. SlimLipo™ melts and liquefies fat, which allows Dr. Finder to remove fat more thoroughly and completely.

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Back Liposuction San Antonio

Candidates for Back Liposuction

There are a few conditions that may make you a candidate for back liposuction. First, even though the skin of the back is thick, some women who have had weight fluctuations may have developed skin laxity of the back. Second, the skin of the back can get “pushed” around by the bra and form rolls. This