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Buttock Liposuction

Buttock size and shape is determined by muscle size and tone, the amount of fat present overlying the muscle and the tightness of the skin. The size of the muscle and the thickness of the fat is genetically determined. The tone of the muscle can be enhanced with exercise, but even the best exercise routine may not have a significant impact on the overlying fat. It can be very frustrating to women who work hard at the gym and still can’t rid themselves of the fat that their genetics is dictating they have. Buttock liposuction can reshape these genetically predetermined fat deposits.

Buttock Liposuction

When women accumulate fat deposits on their buttocks, their derriere appears disproportionately large for their bodies. The amount of buttock fat though determined by genetics, tends to increase as women age. Buttock liposuction with Dr. Kimberly Finder can remove those fat deposits in a safe way with tumescent technique liposuction.

Women with heavy buttocks typically have difficulty finding clothing that fits properly. Heavy buttocks can also make an otherwise thin woman appear much heavier than she is. Dr. Finder can re-contour the buttock regions for a more pleasing, proportioned shape. Buttock liposuction can reduce a large, protruding backside area, slim the area overall, re-contour the body, and make the body look better-proportioned. Clothes, pants, and jeans will fit better after surgery.

SlimLipo™ can be an aid in achieving the best skin tone possible. The skin of the buttocks will usually respond very well with liposuction and the addition of SlimLipo™ can enhance the result. SlimLipo™ also allows enhances the smooth extraction of buttock fat. For these reasons, Dr. Finder strongly recommends SlimLipo™ for all buttock liposuction procedures.

Above the buttocks there may be a distinct small, often triangular shaped pad of fat that is referred to as sacral or lower back fat. This genetically determined fat deposit can be nicely reduced during buttock liposuction. If it isn’t suctioned along with the buttock fat, it may result in a displeasing bulge on the low back.

Some women have a buttock which blends into the outer thigh without a distinct lower buttock crease. If that crease is not naturally present, it can’t be constructed with liposuction. However careful liposuction of the buttock and the outer thighs simultaneously can achieve a very pleasing contour for women with this body style.

Patients are typically very happy with the results of buttock liposuction from Dr. Finder. Dramatic results can be achieved in just one session. Combining tumescent technique liposuction with a good exercise program for gluteal muscle tone and strengthening can achieve a very desirable contour and enhanced appearance.

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