Anti-Aging Goals

Reduce Sun Damage

Does your skin have that muddy look? Are those brown "age" spots beginning to pop up? You wear sunscreen every day, you say. You could still have plenty of sun damage left over from your youth. The sun’s damage to your skin isn’t only skin deep. The sun’s ultraviolet rays can actually damage the DNA of your cells, causing lines, wrinkles and brown spots. But all is not lost! You can reduce sun damage. Dr. Kimberly Finder is an expert in repairing the sun’s damage to your skin using many different types [...]

Smoother Skin

Everyone wants smoother skin that has a healthy glow. Following a daily regimen can help you get the beautiful, coveted skin you’ve always dreamed of. But not everything can be fixed with just the right skin care product. The world of cosmetic medicine has exploded in the last ten to fifteen years and very few people know what is even out there, much less what actually works. Which product should I use? Should I consider a laser treatment? Which laser? Should I look at alternative treatments like microneedling, radio frequency, or fillers? [...]

Wrinkle Reduction

 Experience and wisdom come with age, and for that we should be truly thankful, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if we had less wrinkles to show for it! Wrinkles are part of the natural aging process. As we age our skin gets thinner, drier and less elastic. Our skin’s ability to protect itself from damage is also reduced. Eventually, wrinkles, creases, ad lines form on our skin. The first wrinkles to appear on our face occur as a result of repetitive muscle movement. Additional causes of facial wrinkles include genetics, sun damage, [...]