How Can I Treat Vaginal Laxity?

For years, female vaginal health and function has received a less-than-stellar level of attention. This is no longer acceptable, as intimate health for women has grown in importance and prominence in the modern era. As such, procedures to treat vaginal laxity are on the rise. The Face & Body Place is pleased to offer our patients access to the latest technologies in this important facet of overall health and wellness with ThermiVa®. How Does ThermiVa® Work? The secret to ThermiVa’s® effectiveness is radiofrequency energy. [...]

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How Can I Treat Urinary Incontinence?

Urinary incontinence is frequently something women endure in silence. It’s uncomfortable, embarrassing, and seen as a sign of lost youth and vitality, but it doesn’t have to be. Vaginal wellness is a key part of a woman’s overall health. Dr. Kimberly Finder at The Face & Body Place makes women’s health a priority, and can help you leave behind the secrecy and silent suffering of incontinence. How ThermiVA® Works to Improve Urinary Function ThermiVA® is one of the most advanced vaginal rejuvenation and incontinence [...]