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Consultation Process

At The Face and Body Place, your first experience with Dr. Kimberly Finder’s cosmetic enhancement medical practice begins with our courteous, knowledgeable professional staff.  Our staff can explain the many surgical and non-surgical facial and body enhancement procedures we offer and answer your questions.

The next step is your personalized consultation where you have ample time to discuss your aesthetic goals with Dr. Finder.  At the consultation, Dr. Finder will do an evaluation, review your medical history, and thoroughly discuss her recommended treatment option(s) to address your specific goal(s).

Consultations with Dr. Finder are in-depth. She will address not only your concerns but also advise you on any other options you may wish to consider, whether she performs them or not. It is not unusual for Dr. Finder to refer a patient to someone else for a procedure that she does not perform but which is in the best interest of the patient. Dr. Finder is routinely thanked by her patients for the time she takes to answer their questions and ensure that the person is fully informed. She routinely hears comments such as “Dr. Finder explained things to me that no other physician had bothered to explain.”

In order to ensure that your needs and concerns are met during the consultation process, we recommend you jot down your aesthetic enhancement(s) goals and questions so that all of your concerns may be addressed.

We look forward to welcoming you to The Face and Body Place, please call us at 210.492.3200 or email us to schedule your consultation with Dr. Kimberly Finder.