Fitness Tips: Opposite Leg and Arm Exercise

Opposite Arm and Leg RaiseOpposite Arm and Leg Raise

Not all exercise require going to the gym. We will begin posting easy do-it-at-home exercises that you too can practice at your own convenience.

Today’s exercise is presented by StyleCraze. The exact link to this exercise is provided at the end of the article, so make sure to check them out!

[dropcap style=”default”]T[/dropcap]he Opposite Leg and Arm routine involves as title suggests, raising the opposite leg and arm to build ab muscle. The procedure is as follows:

  • Keep the knees under your hips. Wrists should be placed under the shoulders.
  • Take off your left arm upwards till your shoulder height and left leg till the height of the hip.
  • Hold till you count 2.
  • Repeat Opposite Arm and Leg Raise on the opposite sides as well.
  • You can do 15 to 20 reps, with the alternate sides.
  • After you are a master in this with enough practices, you can try touching your opposite elbow to your knee.

You can view the original article and other exercises by clicking here.

Disclaimer: As always make sure to perform any exercise in moderation and do not do any exercise that could be of concern to your health. Any information in here is simply provided as a guide and should not be taken as medical recommendations. Be safe, knowledgable, and most importantly have fun!

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