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Hip Liposuction

Hip Liposuction Before & After Photos
Liposuction of the hips
*Actual patients. Results may vary and are not guaranteed.

An area of the body closely related to the outer thighs is the hip. Women often refer to the outer thighs as their hips. Actually, the hips are above the outer thighs. This is an area that often blends right into the outer thighs in women who have a voluptuous shape. For women with this body style, liposuction of the hips and outer thighs should be done simultaneously for the best reshaping and re-contouring.

Other women have a very distinct depression between the hips above and the outer thighs below. If liposuction is done in only one of the two areas, this will often result in a worsening of symmetry. The goal of liposuction is to better balance the body and the decision to suction only the hips or outer thighs, or to suction both areas will be discussed at a consultation. Each woman’s body is unique and consideration of what areas to be suctioned for the best balance and symmetrical harmony need to be evaluated.