How Can I Remove Fat From My Flanks?

Are you tired of eating right, doing exercises that target your torso, and yet your reflection still shows the dreaded love handles or muffin top? Dr. Kimberly Finder, the most experienced liposuction practitioner in San Antonio, can help. At The Face & Body Place, Dr. Finder has performed more than 6,000 tumescent liposuction procedures since the start of her career in 1995, and is a pioneer in her field.

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What Makes Tumescent Liposuction Better?

While liposuction is surgery, the dangers are greatly reduced by the tumescent method, wherein the patient does not go under general anesthesia. General anesthesia stresses the whole body, comes with greater risk of respiratory distress and other complications, and slows recovery time. Dr. Finder uses a local anesthetic method called tumescent liposuction. All liposuction procedures prepare the fat for removal with fluid. By using numbing fluid called tumescent anesthesia, patients don’t need general anesthetic or IV sedation. If requested, patients may also have ProNox administered, a form of nitrous oxide commonly known as “laughing gas” that will relax patients and alleviate anxiety and nervousness.

In some procedures, particularly when the abdomen and flanks are the target area, SlimLipo™ may be beneficial. SLIM stands for Selective Laser Induced Melting which literally melts fat cells for easier removal. Tumescent liposuction is already gentler than traditional methods, and the SlimLipo™ laser allows for easier suctioning through a smaller cannula, reducing trauma for less bruising, swelling, and inflamed tissue. Recovery times are significantly improved with SlimLipo™. Dr. Finder’s experience, talent, and advanced technology allow her to more precisely target unwanted fat, more gently remove it, and more artistically shape your torso for a silhouette you’ll love.

Am I a Good Candidate?

The best candidates for liposuction at The Face & Body Place are those with firm, elastic skin, isolated areas of diet-and-exercise-resistant fat, and who are otherwise healthy. Liposuction is not intended as a significant weight loss tool or treatment for obesity. Patients with realistic expectations are generally happier and more satisfied with their improved shape.

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What to Expect of the Liposuction Procedure

Comfortable clothing is recommended the day of your procedure. The area being treated will be marked, and you’ll be given oral or intramuscular relaxation or pain medications if necessary. Once you’re comfortable, the procedure is performed. Patients are surprised to find the recovery quick, often returning to their regular schedule within a few days. Some bruising and swelling is possible for a week or two, but overall the procedure is well tolerated.

Results are improved body shape and contour. Patients look and feel fitter, and some have such a confidence boost, they stand taller. Clothing fits better, and patients report feeling more comfortable in their skin. Their once-eroded self-confidence returns.

Why Dr. Kimberly Finder?

Because she’s a trailblazer. Dr. Finder was one of the first cosmetic surgeons in the country to use the tumescent liposuction method, an early adopter of the SlimLipo™ technology, and she is one of the only cosmetic liposuction specialist in the San Antonio area to use the SlimLipo™ laser. There is nowhere better than The Face & Body Place under the skill of Dr. Kimberly Finder for targeting and removing stubborn abdominal fat. There are experts, and there are pioneers. Dr. Kimberly Finder is one of the US’s liposuction pioneers, and for her patients, it shows.

I had liposuction with Dr. Finder many years ago. The results have been amazing and I would have liposuction performed by Dr. Finder again if needed. She is honest, very professional and will not perform procedures on one if she feels it will not help them. overall great experience!!


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To schedule your in-person liposuction consultation, call Dr. Kimberly Finder at The Face & Body Place at (210) 879-4809. We look forward to hearing from you!

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