How Much Does IPL Cost?

There is no reason you have to live with facial imperfections caused by sun damage, reddened blood vessels, rosacea, or acne scarring. If you’re ready to embrace smooth, even skin tone, and regain the glow of your youth, Intense Pulsed Light treatments may be for you. At The Face & Body Place, we use high-performance technology in facial rejuvenation to help you restore a clear, even skin tone that will light up your face.

How Much Does IPL Cost San Antonio

What are Intense Pulsed Light Treatments?

The Palomar Starlux™ 500 system, while not exactly a laser, behaves similar to one by sending a series of light pulses to your skin through photo rejuvenation. It targets unwanted skin pigmentation caused by sun damage or broken capillaries with light to stimulate healing and new collagen growth in damaged skin. It also destroys altered or damaged skin tissues to signal the skin cells to replace what’s been damaged with new cells. This minimizes scarring, reverses sun damage, and seals off broken capillaries to allow them to heal.

The Palomar Starlux™ 500 uses cooling technology to control the heat felt by the patient, making the treatment as comfortable as possible. Each session lasts about 30-60 minutes and is typically used on the face, neck, and chest to treat facial redness, blood vessels, rosacea, and pigmentation or scarring issues. The best results are typically achieved after 3-6 treatment sessions, spaced about one month apart, though results vary depending on each patient’s unique skin and needs. With no downtime and side effects as mild as feeling slight sunburn, IPL treatments are quick, non-invasive, and can heal the effects of the sun and time with very satisfactory results.

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The Cost of IPL Therapy in 2019

The cost of IPL treatments will vary from patient to patient depending on your particular needs. A thorough consultation with Dr. Finder to develop your customized treatment plan can give you an idea of what to expect, and at that time, all fees and financing options will be discussed. Typically, IPL averages $625, and can range from $50 to $1,400 according to reviews on The reason for the significant swing in costs can vary by geographical location and the experience of the laser technician performing the procedure, but it also depends on the severity of your skin issues, the number of treatment sessions you need to achieve your best results, and the size of the area being targeted. Some patients with a greater amount of sun damage or individuals with moderate to severe rosacea or burst blood vessels may require more treatments, which will affect the overall cost.

As a board-certified dermatologist specializing in cosmetic dermatology, Dr. Kimberly Finder and her staff at The Face & Body Place are the experts you need for all things related to cosmetic enhancements. We offer the most advanced non-surgical facial rejuvenation and renewal solutions to provide you the best treatment options for your exact concerns. Our service is top notch, and our compassion is clear in everything we do. You can be assured whatever the procedure you’re interested in scheduling, our knowledgeable staff will help you through the entire process, from consultation to aftercare and final results, and everything in between. We are your friend in the cosmetic enhancement business.

Dr. Finder was patient and answered all my questions we decided on a few IPL treatments for my redness and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. I just had my first treatment with Maria and she was fantastic. I’m excited to see my results the next few months as we continue treatment! Highly recommend!


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To schedule your in-person IPL treatment consultation, call Dr. Kimberly Finder at The Face & Body Place at (210) 879-4809. We look forward to hearing from you!

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