How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost in 2019?

When we change our hairstyle or color, our makeup, or our clothing choices, we’re expressing our true selves, letting what’s on the outside match the inside. But sometimes, there are things we can’t easily change, like hair that’s thicker than we’d like or growing in places we would rather be smooth. Thankfully, The Face & Body Place has two different laser hair removal systems to make sure any unwanted hair you may have doesn’t stand a chance.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

It used to be that darker skin tones were not conducive to laser hair removal because the hair pigment didn’t contrast enough from the surrounding skin. The pigment is the target of hair removal lasers, which absorbs the laser heat to interrupt its growth and destroy the follicle. Technology has come a long way in solving this problem, which is why The Face & Body Place has two types of lasers for hair removal, the Alexandrite and the ND: YAG laser.

The ND: YAG laser is indicated for darker-toned skin because it reaches past the melanin to the hair’s pigment thanks to a longer wavelength, and destroys the papilla, the base of the follicle. With its shorter wavelength, the Alexandrite laser works well for lighter skin tones.

Both laser hair removal systems require multiple treatments, between 6-12. This is because our hair exists in 3 phases: dormancy, transition, and active growth. Only a third of the follicles are in active growth at any given time, so the treatments are spaced far enough apart to treat newly active hairs as they replace those that have already been shed. This can take 2 or 3 sessions, and with further treatments, the hair will eventually stop growing altogether.

Laser Hair Removal Consultations Available

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Am I a Good Candidate?

It is because The Face & Body Place offers more than one laser hair removal system that we can serve more patients than ever before. Only a consultation will indicate if you’re a good candidate, but if you have unwanted hair you’d like to shed, we’d love to help you.

How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost?

The estimates of the cost of laser hair removal vary depending on the size of the area being treated, the geographic location of your provider, your provider’s experience level, and the amount and thickness of the hair being treated. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons averages the cost at around $430, while puts that number closer to $875. With a price range between $300-$3,000, that doesn’t really pinpoint it. The breakdown average by body area is more indicative of price:

  • Arms: $350-$500
  • Face and Neck: $600-$900
  • Bikini line: $350-$500
  • Back: $600-$900
  • Chest: $350-$600
  • Legs (lower only): $600-$850

Because we at The Face & Body Place understand this can be an expensive endeavor, we offer a variety of financing options to make the investment in yourself easier to handle. This way, you don’t have to choose between your self-confidence and comfort in your appearance or your wallet. With Dr. Kimberly Finder and our team ready to determine which laser hair removal system is right for you, all you have to lose is the unwanted hair. The real question is what is the price of an investment in taking care of yourself?

5 Stars for Dr Finder and her wonderful staff @ The Face & Body Place. I’m very happy with the work I had done. She has a very calm and mellow personality. Your nerves and doubts will disappear once you meet her. She enjoys what she does and take pride in her work. I recommend Dr Kimberly Finder to everyone, you’ll love her and her work. I want to thank Dr Finder and staff for not only a great job but also a wonderful experience.


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