How Much Does Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Cost In 2019?

Signs of aging are not limited to wrinkles and crow’s feet. For some people, age spots, hyperpigmentation (brown spots), texture problems, large pores, and broken capillaries are also contributors to a less youthful appearance. While many treatment options exist, one of the best for these concerns is Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment, which is sometimes referred to as a photofacial. At The Face and Body Place, Dr. Kimberly Finder uses the Palomar Starlux™ 500, one of the most powerful and versatile IPL machines available.

Intense Pulsed Light San Antonio

How IPL Treatments Work

The Starlux™ works by emitting a broad spectrum of light to penetrate facial tissue and encourage the growth of collagen, one of the body’s best natural substances to heal skin problems and stay younger looking longer. For vascular treatments, such as broken capillaries, also called spider veins, and excessive flushing, the treatment triggers the body’s natural healing response to remove damaged tissue. The Starlux™ leaves behind smoother, more even skin, healed by your body’s own systems, for a natural, youthful appearance.

The Starlux™ IPL treats a number of skin conditions, including rosacea, hyperpigmentation, fine wrinkles, texture problems, large pores, melasma, excessive flushing, liver spots, sun damage, freckles, spider veins, and stretch marks.

Cost and Recovery

The expense of IPL treatments vary depending on your location, the experienced practitioner, and the number of sessions required for treating your skin concerns. A single treatment typically ranges between $400 and $600. Some conditions and their severity require multiple treatments, with the average being between 3 and 8 sessions. Occasionally, a follow-up after prolonged periods of time will help maintain the best results.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Consultations Available

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IPL treatments take between 30 and 90 minutes, depending on the area being treated. There is, however, very little downtime associated with IPL treatments. Many patients immediately return to their daily routines without worry. Patients may wear makeup right away to cover any lingering redness. Patients may also experience a feeling similar to sunburn that lasts less than 24 hours, or some slight swelling, which will subside after a few days. Wearing sunscreen is a must, and avoiding hot water is recommended. Less common side effects are crusting, darkening brown spots (which will fade as healing takes place), some bruising, and possible tiny blisters. These are not cause for great concern.

Board Certified dermatologist Dr. Kimberly Finder and her professional staff are exceptionally trained in all the latest treatments in facial aesthetics. Their care and compassion, combined with Dr. Finder’s artistry and experience, ensure patients receive the best in cosmetic enhancement solutions at The Face and Body Place. 

Dr. Finder & her techniques are top notch. I must say all the team there is super nice & do a great job in whatever position they work.


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