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Inner Thigh Liposuction San Antonio

Some women are bothered not only by the appearance of heavy outer thighs, but also by the fullness of the inner thighs. Rubbing of the inner thighs can be very uncomfortable. Many women complain of this discomfort and find it hard to exercise because of it. Even the wear and tear on pants with rubbing is bothersome.

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Liposuction of the thighs
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Full inner thighs can make it difficult to find clothing that fits properly and can lead to an unsightly bulge on the top of the thigh that can be seen with jeans and pants. Inner thigh bulges can make a thin woman appear much heavier than she is.

Inner thigh liposuction can reduce inner thigh bulges, ease thigh rubbing, and decrease the overall size of the thighs. Clothes, especially jeans and pants, will fit better and the body will appear more proportioned.

A common complaint is inner thigh “jiggliness”. This is due to a combination of inner thigh fat and skin tone or laxity. The skin of the inner thighs can be some of the thinnest skin of the body. The result from liposuction will depend not just on the amount of fat that is present and can be extracted, but also the condition of the overlying skin. During a consultation with Dr. Finder, it can be determined if the skin will retract enough to make liposuction a good procedure.

The results of inner thigh liposuction can be very dramatic. And unlike a thigh lift, thigh liposuction leaves no unsightly scars and does not require any stitches. A thigh lift is major surgery, expensive, and leaves significant scars. Thigh liposuction is a much easier procedure with high patient satisfaction. There are only few patients who might need to consider the more serious thigh lifting procedure, usually when there has been a very large weight loss and the skin is too stretched to recover. A consultation can help with the decision.

Clients are typically very happy with the results of inner thigh liposuction from Dr. Finder. Dramatic results can be achieved in just one session. After thigh liposuction, thighs are smaller, clothing fits better, and the thighs are in better proportion to the body.</