Knees Liposuction

The inner knees are usually treated along with the inner thighs. Many women have a knee bulge that can benefit from knee liposuction. This can improve a “knocked-knee” appearance. Diet and exercise cannot correct this genetically determined problem.

Sometimes this tendency to have fat on the inner knee is accentuated with age. This can cause even slim legs to appear heavier than they are. Knee liposuction is an often-requested procedure from women in South Texas, where the hot weather makes wearing shorter skirts and shorts popular.


Knee liposuction can add to the slimmer shape achieved with inner thigh liposuction. Suctioning of the two areas is often done at the same time. This can help to achieve the best contouring and smoothest result without a line of demarcation along the middle of the inner thigh where the suctioning started and stopped.

Whether done by itself or in conjunction with the inner thighs, reduction of the inner knee bulge can be a very rewarding procedure. Tumescent technique liposuction can help achieve a look to the inner knee bulge that the best of good efforts can’t achieve.