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Liposuction or Vanquish?


Today we take a closer look at a two of the most popular treatments available for fat reduction. One of the most well known and proven procedures is liposuction. It has been the gold standard for fat removal for a significant period of time now and Dr. Kimberly Finder has performed over 6,000 liposuctions through her 20+ years of practice. Despite its popularity, we still receive many questions about it, including questions about results, risks, costs, and how it compares to other treatments available. 

Another treatment that we offer is Vanquish, a non-surgical, yet still effective, alternative for fat reduction.

In today’s article will address those the most frequently asked questions and hopefully provide you with some information that can help you find the best choice for you.

If you have additional questions, you may schedule a free consultation with Dr. Finder by filling out the form below. We are here to help you make the right cosmetic choice. 

Maximum Fat Reduction

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80 – 85% 

Liposuction, when performed by a skilled surgeon, can easily remove 80% to 85% of the fat.

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Vanquish fat reduction, through the use of radio frequency (which uses heat to reduce fat cells), will remove about 20% to 30% of the fat from an area.

WINNER: Liposuction 

As far as fat removal goes, liposuction has the biggest upper hand compared to the other treatments. Vanquish will remove between 20% and 30% of the fat from an area.



Liposuction under local anesthesia usually takes 2 to 3 hours. It takes a day or two to recover sufficiently to resume your normal daily activities, and most patients are back at a regular exercise routine within weeks. The removal of the fat is immediate, but it will take a couple of weeks for the initial swelling to subside enough to appreciate the new shape.


Vanquish treatments take about 45 minutes to perform and require that you come for 4 to 6 treatments about a week to two weeks apart. Results from Vanquish will take several months to reach maximum results.


Based on convenience both procedures rank about the same for different reasons. Liposuction is a short term hassle but with quicker results. Vanquish causes less hassle at each treatment but require many treatments over a longer time

Associated Risks


Liposuction is invasive surgery but when done under local anesthesia by a skilled and experienced surgeon is incredibly safe. Almost all of the complications involving liposuction can be traced to using general or IV sedation rather than local anesthesia. There are risks, such as minor skin irregularities, or infection, but these are not common.


Vanquish treatments are well tolerated though there can be some mild discomfort. There are no serious side effects after treatment. Though very uncommon, there are times when a reaction to the heat will cause mild burns to occur. These reactions will usually heal completely in a few days time.

WINNER: Vanquish

Based on risks, Vanquish is the ultimate winner. Local anesthesia liposuction is a close second.

Price / Value

How much something costs may not be the most important criterion. How well it fulfills your needs and the experience and skill of the person providing it are more important. What is important is value and value includes the price. To understand value, you have to know what something will cost.


Liposuction has a base amount for the first site and the price build depending on how many additional sites are added. A typical price for a small area can easily be $3000. A larger area can range between $4000 and $6000. It’s important to remember that liposuction will provide a far greater amount fat reduction than other non-surgical alternatives.


Vanquish generally takes between 4 to 6 treatments for good results. A typical regimen of Vanquish will run between $1400 and $2100.

WINNER: Liposuction. If money is tight, then Vanquish wins.


lipo2 women San Antonio


At The Face and Body Place, Dr. Kimberly Finder infuses the area to be treated with a large quantity of dilute local anesthetic tumescent fluid. After the area has been numbed, the fat extraction process begins.

The fat is removed through a small instrument called a cannula. The cannula is inserted through small openings in the skin into the fat space, and the fat cells are then gently suctioned out. This process is repeated over the entire area where fat removal is desired.

Liposuction has long been the gold standard when it comes to fat removal. An important question that most patients ask is, once the fat cells are removed, do they grow back? The answer is NO, they do not grow back which is one of the key advantages of liposuction surgery. However, Dr. Finder stresses that weight maintenance is still very important!

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Vanquish is a non-surgical, non-invasive procedure used to kill fat cells. Vanquish uses radiofrequency energy to heat and kill the fat cells. The body then naturally flushes them out of your system.

Vanquish treatments take approximately 45 minutes and deliver an even distribution of heat over the target area due to the unrestricted nature of the hand-piece. It is because of this that Vanquish is able to perform fat reduction evenly across a wide area.

e are proud to offer liposuction, vanquish, and weight loss programs to our patients. Our ultimate goal is to always provide patients with all the information they need to make an informed decision. We are always researching the latest technology to ensure that our patients are getting the best treatments available.

If you are interested in fat reduction treatments and are not sure which treatment is best for you, schedule a complimentary consultation by filling out the form below. Dr. Kimberly Finder will recommend the best path to help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

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