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Patient Comments: Liposuction



Patient Comments: Liposuction

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*“I am very happy with the results of my lipo procedure. Dr. Finder’s staff was very warm and professional during the pre-op and post-op. My results are based on Dr. Finder’s wonderful skills,supported by the technology and technique she uses. I would recommend Dr. Finder, her skills and her team to anyone considering the lipo procedure. I went to one of the best clinics in Beverly Hills almost one year ago, and Dr. Finder’s skills, technique and team were far superior to theirs. Wished I would have searched closer to home the first time!”


*“My whole experience was extremely easy. The staff, Dr. Finder and even the procedure was a piece of cake. The day after the procedure I was up moving around and feeling fine. There was no pain! Now just weeks later I am hanging up my size 12 pants and pulling out my size 8’s! I am very, very happy with the results. I never dreamed I could feel and look this good again in my clothes!”


*“I was in desperate need of “inches” going away. I have dieted and exercised most of my adult life but could never get my lower abs to be flat again. Dr. Finder re-shaped my fanny (much to my husband’s delight) and did my lower abs with so much success, that I came back for my upper abs and back of my arms. I look and feel wonderful! I now fit into clothes that I had given up on. I love shopping again! Thank you! My coworkers all noticed a change in my overall appearance and also in my outlook on my job. I have not been the least bit shy in telling them about the clinic either!”


*“The LipoSurgery Clinic is extremely professional. Dr. Finder and her staff are all very helpful and knowledgeable. The care has always been exceptional. I have come back for more surgeries and would recommend this clinic to any and all!”


*“First of all I would like to commend Dr. Finder’s staff. They treated me with the upmost consideration by paying special attention to my needs. Melany – Thank you for all of your extra care in assuring that I was taken care of and most importantly, focusing on my pain management! Dr. Finder thank you for the awesome job! I am a patient of previous lipo and I can attest that this last procedure was by far the best one that I have had. The recovery time was 100% better. My first night I went to sleep somewhat sore. However, by the second day I was on my feet and back to my regular routine. I had very minimal bruising and the injection sites were very small. After the initial procedure there was no leakage – great job! During the first week of my recovery, I could hardly tell that I had the procedure. I did not have to wear any bandages at all! I have the upmost confidence in Dr. Finder and her team, and would certainly recommend them to anyone.”


* The testimonials presented in our website are genuine and unendorsed testimonials. These testimonials are not a guarantee that the results will be same for every patient. Please contact us to learn more about our services.

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