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Neck and “Double-Chin” Liposuction

Neck and Chin Liposuction with local tumescent anesthesia is a very rewarding procedure for the underside of the chin, the double chin, and the neck area. Young women can have genetically predetermined fullness of the chin and neck and will never be able to lose this unwanted fat without help. Losing weight won’t change it. When the skin has good elasticity, removing the fat with liposuction can result in an instantaneous change that no other procedure can produce.

Neck and Chin Liposuction

Women can also develop a double chin as they get older. Both the passage of time and even small weight gains can add fullness to the neck and chin. Losing weight doesn’t usually reverse this trend, but liposuction can. If the skin has maintained sufficient elasticity this can be a highly rewarding procedure.

Gaining fat under the chin and neck, whether because of genetic bad luck or as you age, can create the impression of increased weight, even if you are otherwise very slender and of normal weight. Neck liposuction can make a woman’s heavy neck appear slimmer and more elegant. In fact, it can help a heavy woman appear slimmer overall. This is a problem that doesn’t require a drastic facelift, but can be remedied with the very safe technique of tumescent local anesthesia liposuction.

The double-chin and neck area is one of the fastest liposuction procedures, usually completed in less than an hour. Results can be seen the next day. After a short three days of wearing the compression garment, swelling and bruising are resolved to the point where going out in public with a new look is possible. Incisions are so tiny, and heal so rapidly in this area, that they are usually hard to find within a matter days.

Because improvements in appearance can be seen very quickly after chin and neck liposuction, this procedure can be easily fit within your busy schedule. It’s not necessary to take a long time off from work or family obligations to reap the benefits of the results.

Dr. Finder prefers to use SlimLipo™ in conjunction neck liposuction for it’s skin tightening benefits. The introduction of the SlimLipo™ laser has increased the possibility of getting the best skin tightening. During your consultation, we will do a thorough evaluation to determine how well your skin will likely tighten after tumescent anesthesia liposuction and SlimLipo™.

Neck and chin liposuction with SlimLipo™ can take years off a patient’s appearance, and make a dramatic improvement in a woman’s profile.


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