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PicoSure® Skin Revitalization



Non-Surgical Tattoo Removal & Skin Rejuvenation Laser

PicoSure® is a non-surgical laser skin treatment that is FDA approved for tattoo removal, the treatment of acne scars and reducing the signs of aging. It is the first laser treatment to utilize picosecond technology and is showing impressive results.

Lasers do one thing and one thing only. They create a beam of light energy (in the form of particles called photons) that are all the same wavelength (same color) and traveling in the same direction. These allow lasers to do incredible things. For example, we can bounce a laser off of a barcode and read that barcode, which is done millions of times a day in grocery stores around the world. We can use lasers to cut material in manufacturing plants. We can bounce a laser off the moon to measure the exact distance to the moon. We can use lasers in medicine to treat disease and to make us more attractive.

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