Product Spotlight: Alto Defense Serum™

Winner of the 2017 Allure Breakthrough Award, Alto Defense Serum™ is an astounding antioxidant serum that achieves 360-degree skin support against environmental stressors in all compartments of the skin.

It was designed to achieve the broadest range of antioxidant protection from oxidative stress. The product features skinbetter science® proprietary technology that deploys a combination of 19 powerful antioxidant ingredients designed to work together to provide a new level of comprehensive and dynamic defense against free radicals.


  • Neutralize free radicals
  • Create antioxidant shield against oxidative stress
  • Enhances skin’s vitality and radiance
  • Promotes a more even tone
  • The appearance of skin redness is reduced
  • Brightens the skin

*Individual results may vary.

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