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Physician grade skin care products

We invest in BOTOX® Cosmetics. a variety of facial filler, and procedures to help improve the way we look then go to a  discount store to buy our skin care product. But is that the best way to take care of our skin?

Dr. Kimberly Finder advises her patients that using the right kind of skin care products is essential in protecting the investment that we make in looking better. But most women  do not know what products are the best products for their skin care condition and skin type. . So we buy something at discounts stores or department store and use some of the products with marginal results.


Many people  think that all products are the same. So why not just buy something from the department store, especially since the price is usually less? The problem is that department store products are usually safe but not very beneficial. The makers of these products know that non-clinical people will be recommending their products and they don’t want customers to have reactions. So they make their products very safe but at the expense of not being very effective. When you buy at a discount store you are paying money for very little benefit.

Dr. Finder recommends physician grade products as they  are much more effective and designed to treat aging skin problems but they come with the potential a skin reaction.  That is why Dr. Finder and her skin care professionals are here to help with the possible reactions that come with stronger products. These products are compounded differently and  have been shown to be effective and to provide real results. See list of skin products you should be using.

To help our patients understand what they should be using to protect their skin, Dr. Kimberly Finder developed her“FINDER’S FIVE”. These are the products that are essential to keeping  youthful and healthy skin you have worked so hard to achieve.

1.SUNSCREEN: This protects your skin from the sun’s damaging ultraviolet radiation, which is the most significant cause of aged and damaged skin. Learn more about Sunscreens

2. ANTIOXIDANT: Ultraviolet rays from the sun, and other environmental stresses damage your skin by oxidation. Antioxidants neutralize this oxidation stress helping to protect your skin.

3. GROWTH FACTOR / DNA REPAIR: This product repairs the skin cells that have been damaged by the sun.

4. RETINOL: This product is a form of Vitamin A. It helps you achieve and maintain a smoother, firmer and more even skin tone.

5. PHYSICIAN GRADE SPECIALTY PRODUCTS: These are products designed to solve specific problems like excess pigment or dark circles around your eyes.

Clarify, Dr. Finder’s clinic that specializes in non-physician level services offers  a wonderful device called a Janus Skin Analysis. This device performs a thorough evaluation of your facial skin in three image modes: Normal, Polarized, and UV.

Call us today for your skin consultation. Learn what specific products Dr. Finder recommends for your type of skin.


What Skin Products You Should Be Using

Chemical VS Physical Sunscreen

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