What is SlimLipo™?

“I was quite skeptical of lasers in liposuction. As an expert in liposuction, I had the opportunity to try out all the first lasers, SmartLipo™, and CoolLipo™, and was unimpressed by them. They were common lasers and weren’t targeted at fat. I didn’t see much of an advantage using them during surgery. Those lasers seemed to be just a marketing gimmick, and I wasn’t going to promote a marketing gimmick. Then I heard Palomar was working on a new laser wavelength targeted specifically at fat. When I tried SlimLipo™, I was blown away. Where the other lasers just heated the fat, this one melted the fat. This means a much more comfortable procedure for my patients, with less bruising and a faster recovery. Over the years, many new technologies have been advanced for liposuction. All of them have been evolutionary. SlimLipo™ is truly revolutionary. I am so glad that I did not jump on the laser liposuction bandwagon until a truly revolutionary laser came along.”

Dr. Kimberly Finder
Board-Certified Dermatologist Specializing in Cosmetic Dermatology

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SlimLipo Liposuction San Antonio

*Individuals Results May Vary


The LipoSurgery Clinic is proud to be the only provider of SlimLipo™ in the San Antonio area.

SlimLipo™ laser-assisted liposuction is the latest advancement in liposuction surgery. Dr. Finder is one of the first physicians in the U.S. to bring SlimLipo™ into her practice and has been invited by the laser’s manufacturer, Palomar Medical Technologies, to educate other physicians about this new technology. Dr. Finder enjoys a close collaborative relationship with Palomar helping them improve and perfect their innovative new laser.

The “SLIM” in SlimLipo™ is an acronym for “Selective Laser Induced Melting” of fat. Although lasers for liposuction assistance have been available since 1996, no previous laser has truly targeted fat until the SlimLipo™ laser.

The SlimLipo™ laser is the first and only laser that uses the unique 924 nm wavelength of light. This is very important because the 924 nm energy is highly selective for fat. That means fat will absorb the SlimLipo™ laser energy more than laser energy from other lasers without the unique 924 nm wavelength. This allows the SlimLipo™ laser to truly target the fat and allows Dr. Finder to melt fat easier and faster than with another laser.


*Individual Results May Vary


Dr. Finder firmly believes SlimLipo™ is far superior to earlier versions of liposuction lasers, such as Smartlipo™, CoolLipo™, and ProLipo™. These lasers do not use the unique 924 nm laser energy. They use 1064 and 1320 nm light energies.

Unlike other lasers, this new laser specifically liquefies unwanted fat, which is then safely removed by tumescent liposuction. This increased melting of fat allows for more precise fat removal and improved body sculpting.

Another outstanding benefit of SlimLipo™ is that it simultaneously delivers laser light energy at 924 nm and 975 nm. The second wavelength at 975 nm is very well absorbed by water, the major component of the skin. The SlimLipo™ laser’s 975 nm light energy is better absorbed by the water of the skin than the Smartlipo™ laser energy at 1064 nm. The energy that is absorbed by the skin is important because it helps to tighten the skin. SlimLipo™ has over 20 times the thermal effect of the 1064 nm laser, according to studies done by Palomar.

SlimLipo™ is an FDA-approved, safe, and minimally-invasive laser. The energy is delivered via a small tip attached to the laser’s fiber optic cable, far less than 1/8 inch in diameter. Its unique design allows Dr. Finder to easily deliver the fat melting energy. The treatment of the fat by the laser allows her to be very precise in extracting fat and creating a very smooth result.

Am I A Good Candidate for SlimLipo™?

If you have a problem area that you’d like to treat with liposuction, and you need to sculpt and define that area to get your desired results, then you’re an excellent candidate for SlimLipo™. Since the laser melts targeted fat away, it aids Dr. Finder in providing you with the overall results you desire. Combining liposuction with SlimLipo™ may provide you with a better, more sculpted result than you would receive with traditional liposuction alone.


*Individual Results May Vary


What Are the Benefits of Laser Liposuction With SlimLipo™?

Superior fat melting with SlimLipo™ makes it easier for Dr. Finder to remove the fat after the laser has prepared it. This makes the gentle method of tumescent local anesthesia liposuction even gentler and easier. When the fat is easier to extract, it means less trauma to the tissue and less bruising.
When there is less trauma, there is less swelling and inflammation with quicker recovery time and comfortable return to normal activities.* Patients who have experienced liposuction both with and without the SlimLipo™ have noticed the difference. There is a noticeable difference in swelling, making it more comfortable.

The two wavelengths of energy delivered by SlimLipo™ affect the blood vessels and blood that has leaked into the tissue, and this diminishes bruising after the procedure. When patients learn and understand all the benefits offered by SlimLipo™, it’s easy to understand why they enthusiastically choose it.

What Can You Expect During SlimLipo™ Body Sculpting?

The SlimLipo™ procedure is performed in Dr. Finder’s office using only local anesthesia and does not require general anesthesia. Local anesthesia removes all the risks associated with general anesthesia. It also saves you the added cost of anesthesiologist fees and operating room expenses. These are costs that are added on top of the surgeon’s fees.

Before surgery, Dr. Finder has a one-on-one personal consultation with every patient. During the consultation, Dr. Finder will discuss with each patient their goals from liposuction. As a woman, Dr. Finder understands that every woman’s personal appearance goals are unique, and she strives to understand each person’s expectations.

Dr. Finder, along with her patient coordinator, will discuss what areas of the body can be effectively treated with liposuction. She will thoroughly discuss each patient’s goals and expectations, and whether those goals can be achieved. If Dr. Finder feels you are a good candidate for liposuction, a written proposal will be created and discussed with you. And if you are not a candidate for liposuction, she will discuss with you your options to meet your goals.

Before the day of the procedure, you will meet with one of our Registered Nurses who will go over all the details of the procedure. Written handouts are discussed with you during this pre-op visit to make sure that all your questions are fully answered. It is our goal to fully prepare you for a comfortable and stress-free experience.

On the day of your procedure, you will need to eat a good breakfast, and wear loose, comfortable clothing. Because there is no general anesthesia, there is no reason to be fasting. Even though this is an awake procedure, mild relaxation and pain medications may be given, and a ride home is necessary.
After being greeted by Dr. Finder’s superb nursing staff, you will then be brought into our relaxed procedure room and “marked” for surgery. Dr. Finder will mark the areas of the body to be treated at this time.


*Individual Results May Vary


The actual process begins with numbing the skin where small openings to gain access to the fat will be made. These openings are less than 1/4 inch long. A saline-based lidocaine solution which numbs the fat and is called tumescent fluid is slowly and gently placed into the areas to be treated. After the fat has been numbed, the SlimLipo™ laser will be used to melt the fat, and the fat will be suctioned into a canister for discarding. Though there is no pain, there is a sensation of movement or gentle pressure.

Because you are awake during the procedure, you can talk to Dr. Finder and her nurses. Any needs you have can be easily addressed. Most patients find the atmosphere, with music playing in the background, very pleasant. An enjoyable conversation can be had, or you can simply relax.
Suturing is not necessary since the surgical instruments are so small. This allows the fluid that has been placed in the tissue to escape and not be trapped in the body. This means less swelling and bruising and a faster recovery. The chance of infection is markedly reduced because that fluid flushes the treated areas and prevents bacteria from gaining a foothold.

You will be dressed in a compression garment (a fancy way of saying a girdle), and will then be released to your ride. A follow-up appointment for the next week will be arranged.

And that’s it!

Liposuction is easy and comfortable with SlimLipo™ from Dr. Kimberly Finder.

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*Individual Results May Vary

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