What is SlimLipo™?

“I was quite skeptical of lasers in liposuction. As an expert in liposuction, I had the opportunity to try out all the first lasers, SmartLipo™, and CoolLipo™, and was unimpressed by them. They were common lasers and weren’t targeted at fat. I didn’t see much of an advantage using them during surgery. Those lasers seemed to be just a marketing gimmick, and I wasn’t going to promote a marketing gimmick. Then I heard Palomar was working on a new laser wavelength targeted specifically at fat. When I tried SlimLipo™, I was blown away. Where the other lasers just heated the fat, this one melted the fat. This means a much more comfortable procedure for my patients, with less bruising and a faster recovery. Over the years, many new technologies have been advanced for liposuction. All of them have been evolutionary. SlimLipo™ is truly revolutionary. I am so glad that I did not jump on the laser liposuction bandwagon until a truly revolutionary laser came along.”

Dr. Kimberly Finder
Board-Certified Dermatologist Specializing in Cosmetic Dermatology

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