Top 5 Myths About Sunscreen Use

Summer in South Texas: Outdoor barbecues, shorts, swimming, and of course, the sun. As much fun as it is to be outdoors in the sun, the sun does damage your skin and can make you look older than you really are. Not to mention the risk of skin cancer. Of course, we all know about avoiding sun exposure and using sunscreens. Yet there are many myths about using sunscreens and I would like to discuss some of these myths. I hope that this helps you make better choices in your use of [...]

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How to Evaluate a Physician

I recently came across some advertising for a physician offering cosmetic and anti-aging treatments. Looking at his background, warning flags immediately came up about his background and qualifications. This got me thinking; how does the average person know whether to trust a physician? I decided to put together this article about how to evaluate a physician’s background. Why is this Important? This is important for two reasons. First, aesthetic treatments have risks. You run the risk of having a bad outcome, insufficient results or a bad reaction. You also run the risk [...]

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The Science of Fat Removal and Body Shaping

Your body’s shape is influenced by two different types of fat: superficial fat (the fat found in the deeper layers of our skin) and visceral fat (fat that surrounds our internal body organs). Most us think of our fat as being superficial, just under the skin surface. Visceral fat is a deeper fat. An example is a beer belly, where the fat has accumulated deep within the abdominal cavity. There is a large belly, but there is little to no fat to pinch. What is fat and where does it come from? [...]

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UVA, UVB, SPF, UPF? What Does it All Mean?

 As we approach spring and begin to worry about sun exposure, I find that many people are confused by all the various abbreviations you hear around sunscreens. So let’s take a moment and understand what they mean. The A band is that part of ultraviolet that is the longest wavelength (UVA). This is the part of the ultraviolet spectrum that has the least amount of energy. It makes up for it by going deeper into the skin. It normally does not cause burns but it will make your skin look older because [...]

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Age spots, Wrinkles, Sun spots? How DNA Repair Can Help

Major damage that can occur in your skin can happen at the DNA level. The worst outcome is that the damaged DNA leads to cancer. But other DNA damage can also occur. It is this damage that leads to much of the age spots, wrinkles, and sun spots that we associate with older skin. What are my options? Imagine a product that would help give you back the healthy DNA you had when you were younger. Would this not make your skin healthier? There are products that do just that. These products [...]

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Physical vs Chemical Sunscreen

So let’s dive in see what is in sunscreens and why it is important. It is the active ingredient that determines how effective is the sunscreen. There are two types of active ingredients found in sunscreens; physical and chemical. Chemical sunscreens are chemicals which absorb the UV light and render it harmless. Physical sunscreens sit on top of the skin and actually block the UV light There are three major characteristics that we consider in a sunscreen. 1 Effectiveness: how good is the sunscreen is at reducing the amount and type of [...]

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Are you a Sagger or Sinker?

By Dr. Kimberly Finder, MD There is a constant introduction of new products into the cosmetic market. The majority of these products are just variations of current products and usually provide little improvement. But every so often, a new product comes along that really improves the state of cosmetic medicine. These are products that truly expand what we can do for our clients and patients. One such product is Juvaderm Voluma, which was recently approved by the FDA for replacing the lost volume that occurs in our cheeks as we age. Unlike [...]

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Health Tip: Serve Your Meals Restaurant Style

When we say serve "restaurant style", we certainly don't mean buffet style. Research has shown that having food readily available will make it increasingly tempting for whoever is around it to serve themselves a second serving. Studies have revealed that bringing out just the food plates to the table and leaving the serving bowls and trays back in the kitchen (or even just off the dining table for that matter) can be enough to stop someone from getting a second serving! If your goal is to cut down on calorie intake, something like this can [...]

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