Before & After: What Can I Expect From Liposuction?

Undergoing liposuction can be a daunting proposition. It is a surgical procedure, and you may have questions on what to expect before, during, and after. Dr. Kimberly Finder is one of the most experienced surgeons performing the tumescent liposuction procedure in the US, and she and her staff at The Face & Body Place are ready to answer your questions. VIEW MORE PATIENT RESULTS *Individual Results May Vary Before: The Consultation and Preparation No question is too trivial, and at The Face [...]

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Liposuction Recovery Time: What to Expect

Not all liposuction procedures are created equal. Some liposuction practitioners promise great results, but the down time is extensive. Others promise a quick recovery, but the results are less than exciting. At The LipoSurgery Clinic, we know how valuable both time and results are for our patients. Dr. Kimberly Finder is one of the foremost liposuction physicians in the country, and one of the first to bring SlimLipo™ to the U.S. How Does SlimLipo™ Improve Recovery Time? Because SlimLipo™ works at a different wavelength from other lasers, it truly [...]

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