Waist Liposuction

The waist is a common area of dissatisfaction for women who may begin to develop a less defined waist as they age. Some younger women feel they don’t have a defined waist and seek liposuction as a means of improvement. Genetics will determine the basic body style of each of us. Some women have a very straight-waisted “boyish” shape that cannot be altered with liposuction because there isn’t any fat present to reduce. It’s always best to seek a consultation if you’re not sure about whether your body style can be improved with liposuction.

The waist is the narrowest part of the torso or trunk, and is actually a three-dimensional feature of the body. Any improvement to the waistline needs to take this into consideration. A comprehensive improvement to the waist includes liposuction of the abdomen as well as the posterior, or back of the waist.

Many women have a very distinct and full fat deposition along the backside of the waist, just above the hips. Liposuction of the hips is usually not aesthetically satisfying if fat along the back of the waist is left behind. Depending on the needs of each woman, liposuction of the entire torso at the level of the waist is the best way to achieve the most trim and sculpted appearance.

Accumulated fat may be located between the muscle and the skin. This is the ideal circumstance for a good result with liposuction. For some, however, there is fat stored behind the muscle in the interior of the abdomen where the organs are located. This fat, referred to as visceral fat, is not removable with liposuction. When visceral fat is present, it also expands the shape of the waist. For many women, especially near menopause, there is fat accumulation in both of the locations. During a consultation the location of the abdominal fat can be determined. Women with even a small degree of fat located in the subcutaneous (the zone between the muscle and the skin) area may find liposuction rewarding if their best efforts haven’t been able to work it off.

Patient satisfaction is very high with waist liposuction from Dr. Finder. When liposuction of the waist is combined with ab