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Rapid Weight Loss * Loss of Body Fat, Not Lean Muscle Mass * Highly Effective Maintenance Program

Many women find that despite a concerted effort to lose weight, their best efforts often fail. Local anesthesia liposuction can provide excellent results for some people, but even those individuals often need an additional weight loss method to meet their personal appearance goals.

The cornerstone to effective weight loss is making a change in eating habits and lifestyle. It isn’t enough to simply exercise. This is especially true as we grow older and our body chemistry and metabolism changes.

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Dr. Finder provides a proven program with distinct benefits including:

  • A team dedicated to helping you reach your best potential
  • Education to help you make the right choices
  • No packaged foods – only healthy “real” food
  • Meal plans of lean protein, vegetables and fruits
  • An exercise program consisting of anaerobic and aerobic exercise
  • Maintenance to ensure long-term success and good health

You can succeed in losing weight and we can help. Call or visit us today to learn how.

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